Security Cameras

-32 Full Color 4K Security Cameras Recording Activity Round the Clock

-Cameras are Strategically Placed for Maximum Visibility

-Monitors at Various Locations Allow Regular Security Checks by Staff

-Cameras Even Record Traffic, Coming & Going, on Rutledge Drive

Bonus Security

-Regular Office Hours with On-Site Resident Management

-Manager’s Residence Sits Atop the Office Complex for a Bird’s-Eye-View

-Block and Wrought-Iron Security Fencing Encloses the Entire Facility

-We Allow Local Law Enforcement to Train K-9 Units at Our Facility

Extra Features

-Professionally Exterminated on a monthly basis

-Gates are Opened at Sunrise for Convenient Access & Closed at Sundown for Added Security

-Our Tenants Have Year-Round Access, 365 Days/Year, 7 Days/Week

-Office Manager Provides Personal Attention Monday – Friday

-Resident Manager Provides Personal Attention Evenings & Weekends

-Member of the Arizona Self Storage Association & Member of the Snowflake/Taylor Chamber of Commerce

-Locally Owned, Operated and Monitored since 2002

Facility Construction

-Concrete Block at All Exterior Walls for Maximum Stability

-Heavy-Duty 12 ga. Steel Interior Framing for Superior Strength

-26 ga. Corrugated Steel Roofing

-Solid Grouted Masonry Block Walls Throughout

-7 ft. High Wrought-Iron Security Fencing with Masonry Block Supports

-3/4 inch Pressed Point Tip Pickets every 4 inches for Added Security

-4 Large Heavy-Duty Swinging Entrance Gates Provide Access and Security

-3 inch Wide Brush Weather Stripping at Door Headers for Dust Control

-8 ft. High Ceilings for Maximum Storage Capacity